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Garage Door Repair Etobicoke

Garage Door Maintenance

How long has it been since you last checked the reverse mechanism and lubricated the parts? For your Etobicoke garage door maintenance needs, talk to our team. As local professionals with expertise in residential door services, we can do a great job. The technicians in our company are excellent professionals with skills and the expected qualifications. The maintenance of your door is done on time and properly, with the right tools and by professionals with experience in servicing home doors of any type in Ontario. When you rely on Etobicoke Garage Door Repair for your annual maintenance requests, your door will function well and stay with you for much longer.Garage Door Maintenance Etobicoke

Enjoy your door with our garage door maintenance

The longevity of your door is just a fraction of our accomplishments. With our garage door maintenance service, we also ensure each part is working properly and noiselessly, and the whole system is safe. In order for the door to work well, it must reach its opening and closing position and hardly make loud noises. If it does, rest assured that our technicians are ready to provide garage door troubleshooting. This is the best method to isolate specific problems with parts before evaluating their condition and proceed with their repair.

During the service, we also do garage door adjustment. This service is essential. By adding or releasing spring tension, our technicians make sure the door is easily lifted and closes down right. The opener is also checked since the movement of the door also depends on the operator’s settings. If the settings are irregular, we change them. We also adjust the chain of the opener, tighten the nuts and every other fastener to eliminate noises, and guarantee smooth movement by lubricating.

If we detect any rusty parts during garage door maintenance, we inform the customer if it’s imperative to change the specific components. Your door is properly tuned up because every single part is checked, lubricated, tightened and fixed. Once this is done and the opener components are also maintained, your door moves smoothly and properly. If you want to have a functional door too, just make an appointment with us for garage door maintenance in Etobicoke ON.